Corporate office telephone savings services in Indonesia with several solutions and systems that we offer, IP Solution, Simcard Solution (FWT or FWP Device) and Access Code 17008 Solution.


The solutions we offer are 3 solutions and can be tailored to the needs of the customer, this solution will not change the way of telephone calls, clear voice quality, migration or installation that is very easy and 24/7 service NOC SMARTCOM team is ready to serve you.

SIP Solution

Telephone cost saving technology that enables long distance voice conversations through Fiber Optic media or the internet. Voice data is converted into digital code and flowed through the network that sends data packets and not through ordinary telephone analog circuits. We provide the freedom to choose the network used to connect from the PABX Client to our server.

Some Advantages of IP Systems:

  • IP is much faster and more stable, this is because IP does not use BTS.
  • IP provides better sound quality than other products.
  • There is no delay and waiting time.
  • The client only pays for the monthly telephone usage fee, with no rental fees.
  • The network used is IP which uses the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) protocol.
  • IP can be converted and can be used on the E1 or Analog line.
  • This connection uses the Metro-E Network with Fiber Optic (FO) intermediaries.
  • Total line is unlimited per IP cable.
  • IP SLA can reach> 99%

SIM Card Solution

The solution to save telephone is to use FWT (Fixed Wireless Terminal) and FWP (Fixed Wireless Phone) with a special simcard from Operators in Indonesia. Simcard can also be selected according to cellular signal strength at the customer’s location

Some of the Advantages of the FWT System:

  • Supported by the 5 largest telecommunications operators in Indonesia.
  • Phones are cheaper to any destination.
  • A separate telephone number for each location, not a single number / server number.
  • Suitable for companies, factories, offices, hotels, etc.
  • The savings can be applied in all regions of Indonesia.
  • Good network quality and a large number of BTS so the sound is clear.
  • More portable, easy to carry and easy to implement.
  • The calculation of telephone costs is more Reality, Efficient and Economical.

17008 Solution

Cost savings system for office phones with a routing system (PABX setting) access ITKP 17008 as a SMARTCOM access code that will not change the user’s calling habits. For now we can serve numbers with prefixes 021, 031, 061 and 0271. This service can be provided because we have an ITKP (Internet Telephony for Public Use) license from the Ministry of Communication and Information.

Some of the Benefits of Access 17008:

  • Clear sound quality because it uses the PSTN line
  • There is no need for additional devices (only using PABX and Existing PSTN lines)
  • Display the same number as the Existing PSTN number
  • Competitive prices to local PSTN, Interlocal / SLJJ, or Mobile
  • Fast and easy installation