Customer Relationship Management SMARTCOM every page and module, We most advanced customize.​

The software category includes a series of applications designed to help businesses manage the following many business processes. Our CRM is an easy way to communicate according to the business category of our customers.

The choice of SMARTCOM CRM


Customer Relationship Management created by SME is intended for Call Center companies whose purpose is to offer products by Telemarketing Agents


Customer Relationship Management made by SME intended for Contact Centers or Call Centers, making it easier to manage incoming and outgoing telephone conversations


Customer Relationship Management created by SME and intended for companies engaged in Health such as Hospitals


Customer Relationship Management made by SME intended for companies that want to make Desk Calls for Collection needs where the company is engaged in Finance or Collection.


Completely customize your CRM experience with effortless integration and adaptable to meet different industry-specific needs.

  • Tips & Tutorials
  • Flexibility
  • Financial Benefits


Best-in-class sales automation features for automating your entire business process and less on manually entering data

  • Automate Routine Tasks
  • Smartcom project
  • Measure the Effectiveness

Easy To Use

Usability is often associated with product functionality, but also the characteristics of an easy interface also improve the performance of users.

  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Omnichannel
  • Higher Quality and Better Performance

Reports and insights

Reports and insights Customers take a variety of data and intelligence to be packaged into one concise report that applies to specific business targets and company needs.

  • Competitive Advantage
  • Expanded Coverage
  • Quicker Access to Innovations in the Process


We offer an enterprise-class communication experience equipped with various features and the latest technology. Quality Monitoring Answering times and first call resolution is the highest priority. SMARTCOM has the tools to ensure the highest level.

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